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Are You Certain It’s Nursing Home Abuse?

Posted on Oct 8, 2015 by in Nursing Home Abuse | 0 comments

How can you detect abuse if it’s even really there in the first place? Some survivors can claim that for years, they never even thought they were in an abusive situation until they were made aware of what constitutes as abuse. Some people may even think that it’s their own fault and that they deserve to be abused – as is only an all too common psychological occurrence that happens, unfortunately enough.

So take the example of nursing home abuse: how can you be certain?

With child abuse, the child can sometimes grow into adulthood with understanding of what constitutes as abuse and either strongly advocates against it or replicates the behavior. Abuse regarding adults can then be difficult to determine since most adults are already aware of their rights against being abused, right?

Little do some people know that neglect or insufficiency can actually constitute as nursing home abuse. A Tennessee personal injury lawyer would probably say that nursing homes have to abide by a certain standard care in order to fully serve as a nursing home. This means that homes must have enough capable on-call staff and facilities in order to provide the kind of individualized care that each of the admitted charges require.

Are there any rooms within the facilities that are off-limits for reasons that are questionable or unjustifiable? Are your older relatives whom you have entrusted into a home’s care exhibiting behavior that may tell that something wrong is afoot such as sudden reluctance from physical contact or uncharacteristic subservience? Are they not getting the daily medication that they require, thereby making their condition worsen since they were initially admitted?

These are some ways you may at first be notified if the nursing home of someone you know is abusive but in order to be truly certain and proceed with legal action, it is advisable to contact an experienced professional first.

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